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Inspiring Artists Creating Our World


High Desert Music Collective empowers creative personal and professional growth and leadership of all artists, inspiring the artist in all of us.

High Desert Music Collective is a creative endeavor dedicated to connecting people from diverse perspectives who want to grow and support others in our music community.

High Desert Calling was our first project, bringing together over 55 artists from our area to express a range of musical experiences. Since releasing this compilation we have livestreamed over 75 shows featuring over 140 artist performances, as well as raising over $15,000 for wildfire relief and other charities in collaboration with Sister’s Coffee, Paulina Spring Books, Open Door, Silvermoon, Bethlehem Inn, Bend Roots and Central Oregon Recording to empower artists and our community. 

Please stream the compilation below and discover your favorite artists. We invite you to go to their sites to support them by buying their music directly. Consider becoming a Founding Artist or Community Member here on our site to support HDMC artists directly and get involved! 




We create an interconnected symbiotic web of local artists, businesses, and audiences by giving everyone access to high quality performances, sharing the human experience multiple times a week.


We strive to deliver on our commitments in a timely manner.


We support artists to get fair pay, resources they need for booking opportunities, brand development, and growth to thrive financially and creatively.


HDMC is an invitation to brazenly disregard the normalcies of human limitations and a portal to cooperatively adventure into the unknown.

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