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    The Quons

    Community Forums: Introductions/Jams and Song Share/General

    Each forum member is encouraged to post to introductions for small talk and questions about themselves.
    Members seeking to plan casual jamming events are encouraged to seek out spacious locations and allow for physical distancing.
    Song Share vs. Swap:

    SHARE your songs if you aren’t seeking feedback/collaboration. E.g. Finished works, WIP Updates.

    SWAP your songs for distanced collaboration via home studios.

    Development Forums: Performance/Technology

    As a poster to this forum you are expressly seeking information or constructive criticism regarding Works-In-Progress. The content of a post should include a question to be answered or a specific idea to be developed.
    Participants are expected to take a “Yes and…” attitude in their initial responses to a post. If you have reservations regarding an idea or post, sharing them at the bottom of your post with a disclaimer is appropriate.
    If you have reservations to express for someone’s idea, please refrain from sharing them without an equal/greater amount of constructive input. Posts containing overwhelmingly or entirely negative feedback are subject to inquiry and possible deletion.
    Posts may be moved to different forums in order to maintain organization of the overall site. The original thread will be locked and a link posted to the new location.
    – Example Post in the Songwriting Forum: “Hi I’m working on this new song about a fluffy aardvark and want it to be more pop folk. See attached.”
    Good Response:
    – “I listened to your song and maybe you could add a bridge to add more energy towards the end of the song and keep people engaged. Disclaimer: I don’t listen to pop folk and an aardvark once bit my sister…”
    Poor Responses:
    – “Your guitar mixing hurts my ears!” (The post is not in the sound forum; this response also doesn’t offer any actionable items. Also, rude.)

    Venue Forums: Brunch Tunes/Pub Crowd/Nightlife

    Divided into mood/demographic categories, these forums are supposed to act as a Q&A/Directory for locales in the greater Oregon area.
    Posters can supply contact information for booking agents, setlist recommendations, and any other pertinent details.

    If you have a grievance with a particular venue:
    1. After the following steps 2 and 3 are completed THEN you may post a grievance to the forum. Unsubstantiated or one-sided claims regarding a venue and/or booking agent will not be tolerated. Your posting privileges may be suspended or revoked if you disregard steps 2 and 3.
    2. You are encouraged to build community and first discuss it directly with the person that booked you at the
      venue. It is important to take notes on what the issue is, who you spoke with, and relevant dates.
    3. If this doesn’t solve the issue or is not amenable, you’re welcome to ask a member of the collective to join you for a follow-up discussion with the venue and/or booking agent. It is encouraged to continue to take
      notes at all steps.
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